Trim & Tone Your Love Handles, Abs and More

Not loving your love handles? Need a little help toning your baby belly?

The new truBody® body sculpting product line offers everything you need to reshape your trouble spots without the downsides of going off carbs, taking pills or injections, or spending countless hours at the gym with a personal trainer.

This award-winning body-shaping technology can address your problem areas with 15-minute treatment options that are customized for your shape to deliver effective results. Ideal for busy lifestyles and those who want help getting to their body goals faster, the new truBody helps you go beyond your best.

Dr. Elise Grenier, owner of The G Spa in San Francisco, CA, is impressed with the dramatic outcomes that can be achieved for her patients. “We are seeing tremendous benefits by incorporating both truBody devices together, Monopolar Radiofrequency and Multi-Directional Stimulation, truSculpt® and truFlexTM. Since the treatments are non-invasive with zero downtime, patients can go back to work or get on with their day immediately following their treatment sessions with us. These non-invasive treatments will fit easily into anyone’s busy schedule with ease so both women and men will stick with the program to get the results they are looking for.”

“truBody allows our practice to give clients personalized results that improve their physical and mental well-being. We love that there is no recovery time needed after any of the treatments. We are able to target multiple areas with different applicators within the same session, thus reducing the number of treatment sessions, time and visits to be scheduled around their daily activities,” says Dr. Grenier.

Customization is key, and truBody allows you to hone in on the areas you’ve been struggling to define. Treat your abs and flanks (love handles) with truSculpt fat reduction, for an average of 24% reduction in fat in one treatment1. Shape, tone and define your abs, butt and thighs with truFlex, boasting 54,000 muscle contractions in just 15 minutes. According to Katie Werbowski, Director of Brand Strategy and Development at Skin Spa New York, “We are getting incredible body sculpting results for our clients with truBody, both fat reduction and muscle toning, because it is so customizable. We often start at only 30% of truFlex’s power which has been a game changer for those looking to take their body sculpting to the next level.”

“By providing highly effective combination treatments, our clients love the addition of a body device that allows them to treat multiple areas simultaneously targeting both fat and muscle. The Trim & Tone treatment protocol has been a long-awaited solution for those who have limited time,” says Ms. Werbowski.

“This treatment is much more than just a body contouring device. The next generation truBody technology helps our patients establish goals to create better habits for their overall health. They are encouraged to drink more water and maintain a healthy lifestyle during the treatment plan to maximize results, and many or most of them stick with these changes long after their last treatments,” says Dr. Grenier.

“We can help our patients achieve the body of their dreams without surgery or downtime, and they are loving the results,” she says.

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1 Somenek MT, Ronan SJ, Pittman TA. Lasers Surg Med. 2021;53(3):337- 343

2 Nye R, Hoffmeister A. The process of muscle hypertrophy utilizing a novel bio-electrical muscle stimulation device [white paper, Cutera Inc.]. 1/2020

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