Safe, All-Natural ‘Brain Booster’ Promotes Optimum Memory and
Mental Functioning
ErgoMax by Vital Origin supports your full brain power, helping it maintain peak potential with The “Mushroom Super Food Extract” Ergothioneine.
Ergothioneine supports your:
​Inflammatory response
Mental Clarity
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Do You Feel The Unforgiving Effects of Aging… Growing More Forgetful, Unfocused and Feeling Tired?
As we get older, we’re faced with:

Toxins in the brain are commonly associated with cognitive decline, as it impedes nerve communication and connectivity where we need it most. Plaques can even build up in your brain, leading to dangerous conditions.


With brain inflammation stemming from a bad diet, allergies or aging issues, memory can be heavily affected. This inflammation leads to many other problems down the road.


Mood Swings

Between toxins and inflammation, the brain’s ability to regulate itself is heavily impaired. You’ve likely seen the effects of this in unpredictable mood swings and chronic extended bouts of depression or anxiety.

Low Energy

Ergothioneine is one of nature’s most important nutrients. ErgoMax is formulated to optimize delivery of Ergothioneine and support your peak performance throughout the day, WITHOUT the crash that comes from caffeine.
But THIS newly discovered POWERFUL amino acid could “unlock” your brain’s full potential and provide support for your brain as you age

“Ergothioneine is a longevity vitamin.”
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Emeritus at the University of California
What is Ergothioneine, and why is it so essential to maintain healthy levels as you age?

It’s an antioxidant and vital amino acid for supporting your cells. And in case you don’t know, amino acids are the building blocks of literally every important function in our body. Certain amino acids are far more important(and powerful) than others.

But due to modern farming practices destroying the soil, which depletes food of nutritional value, ergothioneine is no longer in the foods we eat. BUT, it’s still abundant in certain mushrooms.

Simply put, our body depends on ergothioneine. No matter who you are, young or old, ergothioneine is critically important to your health. However, most people don’t consume enough to stay healthy.

Where this becomes so important is in things like memory, inflammation, mood, blood sugar and overall health. Ergothioneine is a potent mushroom extract that provides powerful support as we age.


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