Alcohol Free Forever (TM)



A Total Multi-Approach Revolutionary Program
That Includes Everything Below…

1. Main Program Book – “Alcohol Free Forever™”

alcohol free forever

This powerful guide walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to free yourself from your alcohol addiction without going through AA meetings or expensive sessions.

The book includes…

Identifies common pitfalls & how to avoid them.

Guides you to have a plan for stopping drinking.

Teaches you step-by-step how to stop drinking TODAY.

Helps you with psychological changes to set yourself
up for success (e.g. about the way you talk about alcohol).

Teaches you what you need to do to start repairing your body.

Teaches you the diet and supplements you should use
to ease the withdrawal symptoms and KILL CRAVINGS.

Teaches you the importance of finding new things to do
to keep the mind off alcohol and avoid high risk situations.

Teaches you how to create a sustainable lifestyle
to keep away from falling back into alcohol addiction.

Teaches you how to recognize and deal with relapse.

Teaches you how to deal with depression without alcohol.

Teaches you about repairing relationships and making amends.
Normal Price: $59.99

2. SUPERBONUS: The Quit It BootCamp™ –
One Month Motivational & Instructional Email Series

A Series Of 35 Emails That Will Arrive In Your Email Box One Per Day To Help Keep You Motivated And On Track

alcohol free forever


They say it takes 30 days to change a habit…and this email course will make sure you are kept on track for these 30 days (+5 extra days just to make sure!).

The first 30 days of sobriety will require some work from your part, in order to ensure that you kick your habit for good.

With these emails, I will tell you EXACTLY what you need to be doing EACH DAY.

This breaks down the whole process and makes it so much easier for you as each day you will only have to focus on one small task.

In addition, during the first 30 days (especially the first week), your body will be going through important changes. You will experience withdrawal symptoms during the first days, and each day I will tell you exactly what is normal for you to feel and how to CURB THE CRAVINGS AND SYMPTOMS.

I will also tell you on a daily basis how to supercharge your body’s recovery process, and I can guarantee you that at the end of these 30 days, you’ll feel the healthiest you’ve ever been.

I will also guide you on a daily basis on how to deal with emotional issues, stress, and anxiety that can crop up, and – if needed – how to repair relationships you may have damaged.

Here’s what Jacob, a recent client of mine, said about this part of the package:

“I don’t think I could have done it with your Quit It Bootcamp Emails…these were of immense help as they explained what my body was going through in the first days and weeks after quitting alcohol. They also equipped me with the tools to deal with the difficulties and cravings that cropped up, and each day they made me stronger physically and mentally. I’ve now been sober for 5 months thanks to you!”

Normal Price: $99

3. “What Alcohol Really Does To You™”

alcohol free forever

This book clearly lays out all the relationship, family, career, financial & medical problems caused by alcohol addiction.

It can serve as a strong reminder, a.k.a. kick up the backside, of why you need to quit TODAY.

What you read in this book will likely shock you, and I can GUARANTEE it will strengthen your resolve about quitting.

It will also help you identify problems that you’ll need to work on and repair, to ensure you become the healthiest YOU possible – both physically and mentally.

Normal Price: $27

4. Quit It Today™ – Hypnosis Audio Track

alcohol free forever

Subconscious empowerment

It empowers you subconsciously to quit alcohol. A very powerful part of the program.

Every time you feel stressed or the cravings crop up, you can just listen to this recording and you’ll immediately feel better and your cravings will calm down.

Best thing about this self-hypnosis track is that you don’t even have to think about it! All you need to do is to play it and relax.

Moreover, it has an additive effect…in that each time you’ll listen to it, it’ll make you want to drink less and less.

Normal Price: $35

5. “Meditation Mastery™”

alcohol free forever

Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind of anxiety and cravings.

It can be a powerful tool during your first weeks of sobriety and can help you achieve a new perspective especially when thinking about people you might have wronged and relationships you may have damaged.

This guide is an easy-to-read beginner’s guide on how you can regain clear thinking, calm the mind, and find peace within yourself.

Normal Price: $19


6. “How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety In Your Life™”

alcohol free forever

Stress and anxiety are a major reason why people drink.

This guide will show you how to deal with stress and anxiety WITHOUT alcohol or medications.

Learning to deal with stress and anxiety is a crucial part of an alcohol-free healthy life, as everyone is affected by stress at some point in their life.

In this guide, you’ll discover ways to make stress disappear or even work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

Normal Price: $19


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