If you’re enrolled in Medicaid, you must take action now. GoodRx is here to help.

If you’re a Medicaid enrollee, you’re at risk of losing coverage.

Over the past three years, during the COVID-19 public health emergency, states were required to provide continuous coverage for everyone enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). But now that the pandemic has officially come to an end, states have permission to resume their redetermination processes, which means that they will be conducting eligibility checks to ensure enrollees still qualify for the program. As a result, millions of people are at risk of losing coverage — and not just based on eligibility. In the two months since the unwinding started, hundreds of thousands of enrollees have been dropped from Medicaid for procedural reasons, meaning that their paperwork is not up to date.

The bottom line is that all Medicaid enrollees must take action now to ensure they don’t experience gaps in coverage.

Overwhelmed? GoodRx is here to help.

If you’re on Medicaid, here’s what you should do:

1. Read up on what is happening in your state: Go to GoodRx.com/Covered to find state-by-state guides that break down the Medicaid unwinding process, the steps you can take to maintain coverage, and what to do if you are no longer eligible for Medicaid.

2. Ensure your contact information is updated: This is the most important thing Medicaid enrollees can do right now. Make sure your state Medicaid program administrator has your current contact information on file so that you don’t lose coverage even if you’re still eligible.

3. Understand your options for care: Use the GoodRx Medicaid guide to determine your options for everything from insurance to prescription savings.

Lost coverage but think you still qualify?

If you lost coverage but believe you still qualify for Medicaid, you can appeal the decision. This process varies across states, so be sure to consult your state-specific guide. If you missed the renewal deadline, your case will likely be reconsidered if you act within 90 days. You can also reapply or request a fair hearing.

No longer eligible for Medicaid?

You still have options, including purchasing insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, taking advantage of employer-sponsored insurance, or applying for Medicare.

How can I save money regardless of my coverage?

Did you know prescription prices can vary by upwards of $100 from one pharmacy to the next? GoodRx helps you find the lowest prices for free. Whether you have health insurance or are facing a gap in care due to a loss of coverage, you should always check GoodRx to find low prices on your medications. You can find savings of up to 80% from pharmacy retail price and prices that are lower than an insurance copay over half the time based on GoodRx’s research. The best part? GoodRx is accepted at more than 70,000 pharmacies nationwide. GoodRx is not insurance.

Visit GoodRx.com/Covered to find the information and savings you need, and ensure a gap in coverage is not a gap in care.

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