Extreme heat, wildfire smoke and sandstorms: How to prepare for the unexpected this summer, inside and outside the home

Posted: August 14, 2023 | Word Count: 150

Wildfire smoke is bringing greater attention to poor air quality, but even for areas less affected by wildfire smoke, air quality and pollution can be a major concern. Monsoon season in places like Arizona blows dust into the air and extreme summer heat across the country can lead to stagnant air and an increase in particulate pollution. But there are simple and affordable ways to help address particulate air pollution that can lead to unhealthy air quality.

When dealing with poor outdoor conditions, staying inside and using an air filter to help maintain good indoor air quality should be a top priority. Using a filter such as a 3M Filtrete Furnace Filter to clean the air inside your home and changing your filters regularly can also provide cleaner, fresher air. When you do go outside, a 3M N95 respirator is one option to help reduce exposure to airborne particulate pollution.

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