Does your formula have this key ingredient to help give your baby the best start?

New parents who either currently use or are looking to start using formula are faced with a multitude of options these days, making it hard to feel confident in choosing the right one for their baby. The research feels endless and so many formulas provide the same, if not similar, ingredients and benefits, making it difficult to land on your choice. Look for formulas that go beyond the basics to provide your child with important nutrients during a critical growth period in their lives.

Infant formulas have vitamins and minerals to support baby’s wellness — like calcium, iron and vitamin A. DHA and probiotics are also important for supporting brain development and immune health. But only one leading formula brand has lactoferrin (added as an ingredient), a key ingredient in Enspire Optimum™, making it Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk.

What is lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is an important protein found in breast milk and colostrum, the very early breast milk that is dense in nutrients. Lactoferrin helps support digestive and immune health for newborns during the first year of life.

What does lactoferrin do?

Clinical studies have shown lactoferrin’s ability to support immune and respiratory health for infants and toddlers, which gives parents peace of mind. It also supports gut health.

What makes Enspire Optimum special?

Through the maker of Enfamil® formulas’ extensive research of human milk, they are able to better understand not only the nutrients in breast milk, but also the benefits of these nutrients for infants. Enfamil was able to identify a key component in breast milk that was largely absent from other formulas. Because Enfamil believes this component will help support an infant’s start in life, they created Enspire Optimum, the only leading formula with lactoferrin added as an ingredient.

This attention to detail means parents who choose to feed their child Enspire Optimum can feel confident they’re supporting their baby’s best start in life from a brand they can trust.

In addition to lactoferrin, Enspire Optimum also has a global expert-recommended amount of brain-building omega-3 DHA to support brain development and HMOs to support immune health. If you are interested in learning more about Enspire Optimum, by Enfamil, the No. 1 trusted infant formula brand by pediatricians and parents, visit

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