3 ways your antiperspirant can help improve your well-being

Constantly worrying whether you’re sweaty or smelly is as much an emotional challenge as it is a physical one, but sweaty pits don’t have to put a damper on your mood this summer. While it may seem (and feel) gross at times, everyone sweats, and body odor often follows. So, what can we do about it?

Many women go to great lengths to hide sweat and odor like wearing dark colors, putting panty liners or pads in their armpits, using men’s deodorant and even keeping their arms down by their sides. “For many people, excessive sweating and the fear of visible sweat stains and body odor can lead to social anxiety,” said Dr. Evan Rieder, one of three American physicians to be dual board-certified in psychiatry and dermatology. “If left unaddressed it can take an emotional toll.”

Psychodermatology studies the intersection between skin health and mental health and can be useful in understanding how pit problems can affect well-being. Luckily, with a little mindfulness and a reliable antiperspirant like Secret Clinical, stressing over sweat and odor will be a thing of the past.

Not all sweat is created equal

Your body makes three different types of sweat — stress, heat and activity sweat. When you’re hot or active, your body releases sweat made of salt and water to cool you down. But when you’re stressed, your body releases sweat that feeds odor-causing bacteria on the skin, creating that distinctive BO smell that can make you feel self-conscious. “For many people stress sweat smells the worst,” said Rieder, “so I recommend using a clinically proven antiperspirant that fights all three types of sweat and provides long-lasting odor protection.”

The mind-body-sweat connection

Ever been nervous before an important presentation, started sweating and couldn’t seem to stop? That’s an example of the mind-body-sweat connection. “Sweating is your body’s natural response to stress, heat and activity,” said Rieder, “but excessive sweating can substantially affect your quality of life and negatively impact emotional well-being.” Secret Clinical fights all three types of sweat and provides 72 hours of clinically proven sweat and odor protection so you’ll be covered no matter what the day brings.

Take control and keep your stress a secret

While it might be hard to eliminate all of life’s stressors, knowing your personal triggers can help you mitigate stress-related sweat and odor. Remember that managing your emotional well-being can impact your physical health and help you enjoy the warmer months to the fullest.

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